Create a Timeless Landscape Design with Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction

Native Texas Landscapes understands that landscape design is about more than just creating beautiful designs. It is our job as professional landscape designers not only to create beautiful landscapes but also to envision the possibilities of the mature landscape in the years to come. When it comes to landscaping, one of the most important factors to consider is how much space small sprouts will take up when they grow into mature plants and trees.

Trees are important parts of any landscape because they provide shade, block the wind, lower noise, make boundaries, and serve as focal points. Once we have determined the purpose of each tree in a design, we have several other factors to consider before we can choose the perfect spot for each tree.

Avoid Costly Landscape Mistake with Proper Tree Placement

One mistake that many do-it-yourselfers and even some professionals make is planting trees without considering the space that mature plants and trees will occupy. This can lead to costly problems in the future.

When selecting the ideal location for each tree, Native Texas Landscapes considers several important factors, including:

Around Play Areas: When planting trees near play areas, we need to consider the mess that birds and other critters will drop into the play area if the canopy extends over it. To solve this, we place large shade trees a distance from the play area in line with the sun’s path.

Around Pools: Keeping a pool clean can be difficult, and we don’t want leaves and branches to make it harder. While most pool areas are in sunny locations, it is sometimes desirable to have a shady area near the pool. We design the landscape to create a shady area to one side or the other, and we avoid planting top-rooted trees around concrete. Evergreens are usually the best choice around pools.

Roots and Concrete Footings and Foundations: Large trees have powerful roots that can break sidewalks, foundations, and even lift walls out of place. We make sure to choose trees that won’t cause problems with roots and underground utilities, sewers, and septic tanks.

Under Power Lines: We make sure to know what’s overhead when choosing the location of trees.

Property Lines and Easements: We avoid planting trees that will cause problems with neighbors.

Underground Utilities, Sewers, and Septic Tanks: We avoid planting trees that will damage pipes and lines, and we make sure to plant away from any underground utilities.

Perspective: We keep in mind the mature size of trees in proportion to the size of the home and other landscaping elements. Large trees can dwarf a small home, and small trees can look out of place around a large home.

Hiding or framing a house: We look at the view from the street and other places and choose trees that will hide or frame the house.

Parking Areas: We plant trees in accordance with the sun’s path to avoid a mess from birds and critters.

Usefulness and Cost Effectiveness: At Native Texas Landscapes, we believe in making investments in landscaping that will pay off in the long run. By placing trees properly, we can reduce cooling costs, create shade for shady gardens, screen and divide areas, reduce noise, and much more.

Maximize Beauty and Practicality with Native Texas Landscapes

The professional team at Native Texas Landscapes are committed to providing our clients with beautiful and functional landscapes that will stand the test of time. We consider all of the important factors and make sure that each tree is planted in the perfect spot for maximum beauty and practicality.